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How to much will it cost to do CPSIA testing of a card game?

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Hi we are currently trying to push or first game to the market. I just found out that to sell a card game in america it either has to be of age limit 13+ or I have to get the game CPSIA certified. Did any one of you go trough this process? How much can I expect it to cost to go trough this?

I need all the info you can give me thanks!

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There's plenty of articles/blogs you can find by googling for "cpsia cost". For example:

The blogs linked above give some indicative figures. The cost is per-component, so the more different components you have the more it is going to cost.


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It's not a hard age limit- if

It's not a hard age limit- if the majority of your expected users are over 12, it's not a children's item:

If there's only cardboard in your game, it may be exempt ("ordinary books and paper-based print materials"):

and then further down on that page:

"Has the Commission made a determination that certain products, by their nature, do not contain lead in excess of the legal limits?
Yes, the Commission has determined that certain classes of products simply do not exceed the lead content limits under section 101 of the CPSIA. The regulation includes determinations that certain 100 percent untreated, unadulterated products do not need to be tested by a third party laboratory.

Some determinations relied upon are those exempting products such as pure wood (not plywood or other composites), paper and other similar products made from cellulostic fiber, CMYK ink printing processes for paper"

And if your company makes less than a million dollars a year, and does runs of only 7500 copies or less, you'd be exempt under small-batch manufacturer laws:

Keep in mind I'm not a lawyer or anything.

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Thanks for a great answer!

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