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I'm Back Baby! - Miss me?

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Zodiak Team
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Joined: 09/09/2012

My people! I've missed you all so much and I'm sorry I've been away for 5 weeks and 6 days but I needed to work on a few things and life situations got in the way so it all got really hard to manage, but as of right now I'm back!

Zodiak Legends is still very much a goal of mine and I'll be relaunching my Kickstarter in about a week, just in time for TotalCon! If you'll be at TotalCon, hit me up on twitter @ZodiakUniverse. I'd be more than happy to meet you and play around of Zodiak Legends!

The new rewards for the Kickstarter are really nice and should be even more appealing then they were before!

I hope you all will be just as willing to support Zodiak Legends as you were before and please note that I did take to heart everyone's suggestions and made a few changes to the game.

Card layouts have been redesigned: Text is much larger and the layout pops, making identifying different Zodiak signs easier.

Rules have been simplified: Wording has been cleaned up and new layouts help to show keep track of plays.

Thank you all so much for being fans and I hope to see you at the end of it all!

Joined: 04/08/2012

Glad to have ya back.

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