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Insurance for Game Publishers

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Red Wizard
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Hello All,

I am working on my business plan for Red Wizard Games, my game design and publishing company and I need to list necessary insurance for my business. My first thought is who needs insurance, it is just a game. However I may end up making games for children, and my games may contain small pieces. I will also be manufacturing most of my components and may want insurance for the workshop area. Does anyone out there own a publishing company and have insurance? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


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Legal requirements differ

Legal requirements differ from country to country. However, the safety requirements for young children are very strict - as they should be.

Swallowing is only the start, every aspect of the pieces production and material compnents (glue,paint, varnish and so on) will be heavily scrutinised.

Its the reason why most publishers go for the 13 and over age group recommendation.

In respect to other areas anytime you add machiney (or paint and solvents) you up the health and safety requirements. The best place to get information will be a 'business start up' program - if one is available in your country, near you. Anyone offering such help will certainly be able to advise you on covering the basics - along with company registration, accounting, tax returns and so on.

I think you posted earlier about equipment needed - listing most of the essential items. I was going to respond, but I never got round to it.

In addition to your list I would add some simple basics to make life easier. A good Card cutting Guillotine, a glue spreader and maybe a rock tumbler for smoothing out the edges of any pieces you make.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post about using routers, and to the same extent 3d printers. Unless you are familiar with them, and 3D cad design, you will have a machine lying about the place that isnt producing until you learn how to use them. An expensive resource that isnt producing is always a big no for a start up business with limited funds.

If you arent familiar with them its a better idea to learn how to use them before purchasing them. By doing that you can ensure that they begin to pay for themselves out of the gate.

Another way might be to form a partnership with someone who alreay covers that area of production. I recall someone offering such a service on here. Working together both parties could offer a full service, using the talents of both companies to facilitate full product provision.

You advertise the ability to make boards, cards and pieces and then you share the production work. This allows both companies to offer a complete package to secure new business and the aspect of the production they cant cover is passed over to the partner to fulfil for a percentage of the contract value.

If I recall correctly someone placed a post on here offering such a service. Having visited their website they looked like they offered a very professional service for a very respectale fee. I cant remember off hand the exact link - however it was in a response to someone asking for science themed pieces for a game (I think).

Trawling through the thread should turn it up - it wasnt that long ago.

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