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Is it common practice to pay reviewers to review your game?

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I'm in the process of finding people to review my game for my upcoming Kickstarter, which is still a few months away. I offer one or two copies of my game with my inquiry, but some of the responses I get ask for payment to review the game. Is this common practice? It kind of caught me by surprise.

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More commonplace...

While I've only had my company's card holders reviewed by Tom Vasal several years ago, it's not uncommon to charge $100-$250 for a review. I would suggest checking-out some of the more popular reviewers (especially since Tom no longer reviews games for Kickstarter Projects), including Radho and Undead Viking.


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Don't forget to have a review

Don't forget to have a review or two posted on Boardgamegeek. That's my first stop when researching a game. Also, consider contacting Knights of the Dinner Table, which does print reviews and recommendations for new games.

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