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Kickstarter Advice

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Joined: 06/19/2013

I've released a set of Kickstarter Advice Columns based on our extensive experience and research. I do believe you'll find things here that you won't find elsewhere, and you'll find goods in a more comprehensive order (ie: everything you wish to know on a topic in one single article).

Topics to date:
Quick Tips (a bulleted list of quick tips you need to hear)
How to find a Reviewer.
How to find Artists.
How to use
How to make Minis.
And our most popular... How to make a Kickstarter Budget!
(and many more).

I hope you find it helpful!

I also do Kickstarter Page reviews for free. Always happy to help.

Feedback always welcome, here or on the site itself.

John Wrot!
Gate Keeper Games

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Joined: 08/14/2014
Great Advice!

I don't have any ambitions of kick starting a game but it is great to have this resource. I think many people that are new to publishing would not predict and plan for all of the costs of things that go into a game. I assume most would be nickel + dimed to death and end up severely upside down on the game or not be able to afford all the components to have it live up to their expectations.

It was a fun read and I feel very grateful for your support of the community!


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Joined: 09/11/2014
I've read through a bunch of

I've read through a bunch of your articles, and they are awesome. I'm really glad you put it all together to make such a great resource. I'm hoping to launch a Kickstarter in about a month or so, and your site will definitely be a great help.

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