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Kickstarter advice pitches

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Joined: 04/02/2017

I thought I might have already posted this, but I can't find it. I launched my kickstarted this week and immediately received offers to increase viewership from half a dozen companies. Are they worth using?

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Joined: 11/01/2008
You did

When topics fall off the main menu on the right of the forum just click the "list all topics" link


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Joined: 04/16/2011
An easier way to find your post

Click on "Personal" (on the Left-Hand Side), in the middle click on "Track" tab and this will show you in order ALL the topics you have POSTED a comment or the Topic itself IF it was created by you.

This way is much easier to find the threads you have participated on and to see which conversations/thread that you have started.


Note: You can do this for any user you see in the threads, click on the "NAME" and then click on "Track" tab and it will show you ALL the topics a user has POSTED a comment or started the Topic.

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