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OK, so I'm at the point to launch on Kickstarter but I still have questions. I'm hoping those with experience can assist me. I've set up my pitch to ask for a lump sum for each phase I have listed in it. Is it better to ask for a lump sum for everything of is it better to run a campaign for each phase?

I'm in the middle here as I have pros and cons for either way and I want to make my campaign the best I can make it with the hopes of it being successful!

Your help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

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From a slightly experienced person


Glad to hear you have a game and you're working on your kickstarter page. We just got through our campaign, and it was basically tough and messy. I think, from personal experience and from everything I have ever heard or read from anyone, that the biggest thing is making sure you have a crowd that is primed and ready to support you. It was our biggest challenge and still is, considering that our weakness is marketing and mastering modern social interaction (online). Anyways, you probably already know that, but I figured that it should be repeated again.

Also, I would suggest that you post a link to your kickstarter preview page here so that everyone on here can look it over and give you suggestions on it. We were given the same opportunity and we took it- it was very helpful to have people look over our page and give us suggestions and critiques. If you do this, then people can look over your rewards, video, graphics, story, etc. This is probably your best bet to make sure your page is "battle ready".



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I don't really understand

I don't really understand what "phase" means here. You set an amount, and you set rewards for people who help you out. You have one, ONE campaign for a project.

If "phase" means that you have a base set, and then later you have an expansion set, then sure, you could either have both in the same campaign (usually something like $39 for base, $49 for both, and then 90% of the people take the "both" option), or separate, bearing in mind that when I did that, I got about 50% of my original backers backing the expansion. Which is probably really good, but it's still not everyone.

Beyond that, definitely share your KS page here well ahead of launch so we can tell you how awful it is! (No, seriously, share it).

And I'll post here what I always post.. do you have a method planned for at least 1000 people to hear about your Kickstarter within the first hour of the launch? Posting it here does not count :)

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