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KICKStarter Publishing Help

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Hey guys and fellow game designers,
I have currently completed my new table top game and I am releasing a 'kick starter' campaign in January. The testing is totally successful and art work is on the verge of completion.
Can some senior designers that have some experience about how to approach for a 'Kick Starter' Campaign and what things should I take care of and best implementations on 'Kick Starter'

Thank You

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Any links to the game? Do you

Any links to the game? Do you have a BGG page?

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The best advice

The best advice you can get is to go read these blogs, in their entirety first;

Once you've spent time there, you should be well prepared to launch into Kickstarter.

Do your research.

It's almost January. If you're not yet ready to launch your Kickstarter campaign, you may well want to consider postponing it until you are.

What game is this for? Where have you been pumping up interest for it? Do you have your crowd ready to go on launch day? Is your advertising ready to go?

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