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A Kickstarter Update

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Well its a little more than a week into the campaign for Smoking Aces and it's almost half funded! Second and third weeks are notoriously slow so I'm not expecting much in the way of backers and I have until November before the end of the campaign, so plenty of time left. I want to utilize the remaining time the best as possible so I am looking for places to advertise Smoking Aces, people to talk to about it, even people willing to demo the game at conventions/game nights. I guess the question here - is there more I could be doing and what?

Thanks all!

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You've done enough... but

Maybe you should have considered only 30 days for your campaign. People tend to either go big EARLY (first few days) or go big LATE (last day of funding)...

Also with all the OTHER projects on Kickstarter (aside from Table Top games), it's getting harder to target would-be backers. Aside from your campaign, I have seen other campaigns (some video games) like Gala Collider ( which only has 246 backers...

That's really low. It used to be that if you launched a campaign, you would at the lowest get 200+ Backers. Such is no longer the case. You really need to nurture your brand presence (via social media).

I think also - people need to LIKE what it is you are selling them. Perhaps a Hybrid-Poker game is not as enticing. Some people are more into *themed* oriented game - that's why I suggested creating something more thematic than just a hybrid-poker game. Something players could get more invested in... With characters and some story.

Anyways - wait out your campaign you should reach your goal. $1,500 is a drop of water in a bucket. Just you are expecting things to "grow" and they are trending toward you reaching your goal.

If there is anything you can DO: "Just stay positive..." And I think you will reach your goal...

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keep pushing the campaign

might need to start looking at other groups, poker forums, meet ups, facebooks, tack something up on the wall of the local gamestores, anything at all.

and keep pushing the positive message on updates!

good luck!

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