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Kickstarting and shipping from Europe to USA?

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Hello again people of the forum!
I am about to self - publish my first game and run my first kickstarter campaign. I am printing the game in Europe and have figure it out (I hope)how to ship to European bakers. But combining EU bakers with US bakers is a pain, especially of you do not know the exact number of bakers in advance... I have read several articles on how to ship for US to Europe, I thing that doing the same thing the opposite way is probably what will work for me. But, has anyone an actual experience in that kind of international shipping and any useful tip that is willing to share?
I thank you in advance for your responses.

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Partner with one of the many

Partner with one of the many companies which handle shipping.
I would strongly advice against handling it yourself.

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I've been told about a

I've been told about a company called Ideaspatcher,, which turns out, Jamie Stegmaier uses them. He's the authority on Kickstarter. Go to to see his work and blog.
I plan to try out Ideaspatcher for my upcoming game.

From what I understand, Ideaspatcher helps people fulfill orders so that backers get very low cost shipping.

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Thank you very much, that is

Thank you very much, that is really a great help, and a very useful blog..!!

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