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Leftover game pieces - Anyone interested?

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Hey all,

Hope this is where I would list an inquiry of this nature.

I once had a garage startup gaming company that went belly up some years back. I still have some miscellaneous parts from the games leftover that I no longer need. Would anyone be interested in purchasing them for super cheap? Perhaps you could incorporate them in your games or sample runs. Anyway, here's a listing with approximate quantities and the games they were a part of (in case you want to visually check out the components at

Black 20mm round counters - 20,800 pcs (from Alien Invasion USA)
Red 30mm round counters - 875 pcs (from White Collar Blues)
Brown hotel pieces - 4,050 pcs (from Camp Wanagi)
Black 25mm car pieces - 375 pcs (from Alien Invasion USA)
Black 16mm blank 6 sided di - 1,250 pcs (from Camp Wanagi/White Collar Blues)
Black 12 sided di - 950 pcs (from Camp Wanagi)
Black 8 sided di - 850 pcs (from Camp Wanagi/Alien Invasion USA)
Out of Office clocks - 360 pcs (from White Collar Blues)

Let me know if any questions.



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....can you hit me up with an idea on pricing jeff?

Joined: 09/07/2008
Sure. I'm really just pricing

Sure. I'm really just pricing to move the stuff. Maybe shoot me a personal message and let me know all of what you're interested in and I'll price accordingly.



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