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Legal issues

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I'm designing a medieval styled game. Most of you might not know about it but I have posted it here and at Boardgamegeek. It's called KingsLand for now.

The game really starts to take shape now and I have some legal questions about it that might offend and trespass on other persons work.

The game centres around the knights which duel each other and lead your armies.

Some knights name are taken from the nobility here in Sweden. Is this okay? I think their bloodline are dead and gone.

Sir Robin and Sir Bedevere are also in the game for now. They are taken from Monthy Python's The Holy Grail. Should I try to contact Monty Python and ask them for permission or is it ok to use them? I don't want to end up being sued.

Anyone who has the answer? Or other thoughts are welcome.

Thank you in advance :)

Best regards,


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