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Hey Folks

A new post is published on my new blog, Level 1: Game Designer. You can read it here:

My goal is to publish a new post once a week, typically on Mondays, and the content will generally be about game design. I haven't published any games, but have been working on one for three years that will hopefully be done by the end of next year.

My posts are meant to encourage other aspiring designers while I share my own experiences and game.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, my handle is @L1GameDesigner.

What resources do you use as a game designer?

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Evidently you are confining

Evidently you are confining yourself to free material.

Eric Hanuise (Flatlined Games) was writing a free online "book" about game publishing, don't know how far he's gone.

My "Game Design" channel has a lot of material that applies to tabletop game design.

Joined: 12/25/2012
Hey Lew, I'm not deliberately

Hey Lew, I'm not deliberately confining myself to free material, but confining myself to material I've personally reviewed. If I ever get my hands on material that has a cost, such as a couple books I'd like to read but just haven't yet, I would have no problem including them on my list.

Thank you for sharing your two resources.

You share valuable insight in your videos. In particular, I completely agree about writing one-page rule cheat sheets. I've just done this for my prototypes that I've sent out to my friends/playtesters. This is especially useful when it's a game with a longer rulebook, not just to the player but also the designer. It helps them consolidate redundant rules and inconsequential rules.

I'll check out that online book by Flatlined Games; it looks to be useful.

I've added your YouTube Channel to my Designer Resources. I like having resources that aren't purely reading, b/c I can just listen to them while working/driving.

Thanks again!

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