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Licensing in Canada

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Joined: 11/22/2008

I was wondering if there were any Canadian game designers using these forums and if they could assist me in finding a company to license my game. I have looked into FourFourFour Ltd., but they seem to be more of a manufacturer than anything else.

I am a new designer and have zero experience or knowledge of publishing or licensing. Any help from my Canadian brethren would be appreciated!

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There are game companies all

There are game companies all over the world don’t restrict yourself to your home country. That would limit your chances of getting your game to the public. Remember that even if you have a great game the company you are pitching it to might turn it down for any number of reasons.

Here are a few reasons.

1. We don’t/no longer publish that type of game.
2. We already have a (Insert theme here such as Pirate) game coming out next year.
3. We aren’t taking any more submission now check back next year.
4. Wrong size, we need a bigger/smaller game.

And there are many more. Cast your net wide for the best chance of success.

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