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List of Publishers

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This is an introductory list of contact information for publishers and their current status on accepting submissions. Below you will find multiple sections containing publishers who are current seeking submissions, require you to write more more info, only accept games through an agent or broker and not current accepting submissions.

These sections will be updated as new publishers are added or as the status of current publishers changed.


Cambrige Game Factory
Game Submission guidelines in this PDF

Submissions Info:
Send a short description of the game, including Game title and theme, Number of players, Suggested age range, Components, Rules overview, and Unique features.

JKLM Games
Submission Info: email Markus Welborne, at MarkusAWel at aol dot com, with a description of the game.

Out of the Box Publishing
Submission Info:
Send a short description of your game.

Playroom Entertainment
Submission Info: Send an email to: -- they will send you a submission form.

Z-Man Games
Submission Info:


Face-2Face Games
No page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions.

Hans im Gl├╝ck
Mostly German site with Engligh list of game aids.
Couldn't find English page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions.

Jolly Roger Games
No page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions.

Kosmos Games
No page currently stating that they are accepting submissions or not.

Phalanx Games
No current information on this company.

Queen Games
Site in German. English mirror site?

Rio Grande Games
No page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions.


Amigo Spiel
Information about submission can be found by going to Amigo Spiel and reading the pdf located here.

daVinci Games
Unknown status as of adding to this list.


Ravensburger Spieleverlag
I couldn't find submission info on their website (a tangle of mega-corporation frontispieces), but according to gameagent, they only accept from agents or brokers.

Wizards of the Coast/Avalon Hill
Submission Info:


Atlas Games
Submission Info:

Days of Wonder
Submission Info:
Send short abstract of the game after reviewing their game criteria and company philosophy.

Fantasy Flight Games
Submissions Info:
Require a full working prototype with signed release form.

Live Oak Games
No page specifically stating that they are accepting submissions.

Mayfair Games

Steve Jackson Games
Submission Info:

Winning Moves (Germany)
Submission Info:
BGDF member says they no longer accept submissions.

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Steve Jackson Games no longer accepts board or card game submissions.

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Has anyone actually dealt

Has anyone actually dealt with any of the listed publishers?

Most of those listed have not even acknowledged my general enquiries. Z-Games was the only one who did.

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This list will be constantly updated.

This list will be constantly updated.
At least that is the idea. So far, I simply ported the old Publishers page from the wiki site, to make it easier to find on the new one.
The idea is that all members contribute with updated info, like fecundity just did regarding Steve Jackson, and one of the admins will update the main post accordingly.

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Uberplay is no longer in business, so it's a safe bet indeed that they're not accepting submissions!

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I have moved the List of

I have moved the List of Publishers so it is now a page (forum posts are easily lost and this page will make its way into the new site content as it is developed).

New page link : List of Publishers

PLEASE use the comment feature on that page to state any new content or updates to existing content.

Thank you.

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Mid-2021 update

Hey everyone,
Yeah, so anyone searching this page via Google might have been a little disappointed to learn stuff from 2008 is... a little outdated.

Two current, paid-for resources that are being updated on a regular basis (with necessary disclosures, naturally):

Cardboard Edison's Compendium: Pay them $2/month via Patreon or $25 for a lifetime subscription to their Compendium - a database of publishers based on data submitted by the publishers themselves. You'll need to use the filters to ensure 'Accepting Submissions' is set to 'yes', or else you'll be learning about publishers that have updated their info but aren't actually looking at submissions. Learn more at (Full disclosure: I'm a fan, but not paid or asked to advertise for them.)

Tabletop Publishers: $49.99 for a lifetime subscription (and full disclosure upfront: I'm the creator of this offering). As much as I love the aforementioned Compendium, it was a little frustrating seeing publisher entries that are as old as the Compendium itself (dating from 2016!). As a game designer, I had compiled my own database of publishers, based on publicly accessible information like their website, their social media, and so on.

To be sure, you could spend a few hundred hours and compile all this yourself... but this is the same exact data I use to help me pitch my games, and it filters out anyone not currently looking for submissions. No wasting time, theirs or yours - think sniper, not shotgun. The system's setup to encourage sorting and filtering based on your needs. More info at

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