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List of Publishers - 2014 Edition

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Ok, so this question gets asked alot and the most current resource for this information that I could find is 6 years old, so I decided I was going to do some research and update it.

Below you will find a list of publishers currently accepting game submissions online, a list of those only accepting submissions at cons/events, a list of those that are co-producing only or there is some other arrangement, and a list of those with conditions to change in the future.

I also listed what the publishers are looking for or not looking for if it was specified.

This is what I have found. I am sure there are others. Please add in the comments and I will add them to the list.


Academy Games

Amigo Spiele

No interest in: 2 player only games, sport simulations, economic simulations, role playing games, trading card games, dice games run with event fields, games with huge wood content. Bad odds with purely abstract games and extremely complex games.

Cambridge Game Factory

Focused on "Euro" games, but would certainly consider simple war games that could be marketed to a mainstream audience.

Cocktail Games

Looking for: games involving communication, atmosphere, tactics, for kids, adults, aliens. 10 to 30 minutes. What can we put in a box? Our little boxes can hold no more than fifty square cards (for the Pocket range), and no more than a hundred rectangular cards (for the Slim range). However, some cards can be replaced by cardboard tokens, plastic pawns, etc. So please avoid sending us board games.

Cranio Creations

Crash Games

Accepting all types. Preference towards micro-games.

DaVinci Games

Interested in games with simple rules (1-4 pages) and limited duration (15-45 minutes) for 3 or more players. Looking for high interaction for many players and party games or original games that are quick and cheerful.

Escape Velocity Games

Looking for small projects (standard components and small boxes), not interested in abstract, sports, puzzle, word, educational, or traditional RPG (pen-and-paper) games.

Flatlined Games

Game Salute Games

Uses Kickstarter exclusively.

Gamelyn Games

Currently accepting submissions for: Micro-Games plays in 10-20 mins, Small Board Games plays in 15-30 mins.

Hans Im Gluck

Indie Board and Cards

Doesn't look at abstracts, wargames, 18xx, two player only, CCGs/LCGs. Prefer games that are not listed on BGG (yet!) and haven’t been web (PnP) published.

Le Scorpion Masque

Letheia Games


Game must be original and aimed at a family audience. Games should not last longer than an hour. Not interested in abstract games, letter-based games or derivatives of classic games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.

MAGE Company

Mayday Games

Rulebook and a video demonstration of the game being played is required.

Paille Editions

Repos Productions

Smirk & Dagger

Looking for: Nasty, gotcha games.

Van Ryder Games

Not currently looking at: war games, heavy Euro games, Zombie games

Victory Point Games

What's your Game?

Mainly seek boardgames and cardgames both for families and expert players use, but prefer not to limit the creativity of authors.

Wishing Tree Games

At this time, we are specifically looking for micro-games.

Level 99 Games
Mayfair Games
Minion Games
Tasty Minstrel Games


nestorbooster was a crowdfunding platform, but it has now mutated into an authorfunding platform where authors fuel their own games by buying copies in advance.

Eagle/Gryphon Games

Requirements may include: assembly of 6-8 playable prototypes with a complete and well-presented set of rules; oversight of a Kickstarter project for the game (under our auspices and with direction from us); and pay a portion of the production costs.

Gigamic Games

Only review proposals between March and September.

Grey Gnome Games

Looking to add games from other designers in the future.

Stonemaier Games

Most interested in finding a a large-group game in the style of The Resistance, Coup, and For Sale (ideally 2-10 players, but we’re flexible on that) that’s easy to teach, offers a lot of group dynamics, doesn’t have player elimination, and is ideally set in the world of Euphoria. Also interested in a cooperative game, possibly set in the world of Euphoria, but other themes are fine too.

Submissions are temporarily closed, but will reopen in April 2015.

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Can I just say...

Can I just say that you are my hero? yes? OK, great! You saved me a lot of future searching; I hadn't even heard of half of these guys!

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Yeah I hadn't heard of half of them either before I looked them up!

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What a great list! Thanks!

What a great list! Thanks!

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