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List of sites for press release

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Hey guys and gals,

My first project; Oh no... INVASION!!! will come out this Essen. Everything is set, I have a booth (4-413 if you're interested) and if all is well, 2000 games will ship into Rotterdam at the start of October. I even designed some awesome T-shirt that will come in any day now (I'll share some pictures)

One thing still. More people need to know about it. I have written a press release but I'm looking for a comprehensive list of sites I can send it to. Does such a list exist?

Thanks in advance for the help.

If you want to check out my game, follow this link:!!!/Oh%20no-Overview.html

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Such a List would be

Such a List would be interesting. A nice project for this site.

Name, Type, Language
Spielbox, Magazin, German,, online Magazin, German,

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Oh yes, if such a list does

Oh yes, if such a list does not exist we'd do well to make one.

For instance

Gamesalute, site, English,

I'll put up more as soon as I've had time to look up more. Keep them coming y'all!


Team Gambit
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You could always reach out to

You could always reach out to They just did an interview on me and I know they are always looking for material.

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Here is a danish website

Here is a danish website covering game news (google translated contact-page):

They do short articles and reviews of new games. How they pick what to write about, I'm not aware of, but it might be worth a shot.

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-Really good news site that has a big follower base

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Press Release List

The GPA (Games Publisher Association) has a "press exploder" that has over 100 industry related addresses on it - but you need to be a member to make use of it.


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Thank you guys, I've send the

Thank you guys,

I've send the press release to every site you guys have mentioned so far. Except for the D20crit, which seems to be all PC games, could you elaborate on this Gambit?

Also, I've send it to:

Little metal Dog, English, Site/podcast,

Please keep suggestions coming. I think this could help a lot of us. Cheers

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