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Looking for Advice - shopping for a publisher, getting started...

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Hi All,

It's been a while since I posted, and I'm looking for a little advice to get started down the publication path. I've got 2 game prototypes under my belt and I'm looking for next steps in getting off the ground.

Prototype 1 - working title Knight's Quest (KQ) has seen hundreds of hours of play-testing, including several blind play-test sessions where I had a team play 'fly on the wall' and take notes - while also having participants fill out questionnaires about the game. I've had several blind play-testers ask to return for future sessions, so I think that's a fair sign that the game is fun and desirable.

I also have 3 'expansions' or 'advanced scenarios' available for the game that have similarly tested well.

KQ has enjoyed several rounds of mechanic tune-up based on observation and suggestion from various rounds of play-testers, and now I believe it is in a state of readiness for publisher evaluation.

Now I'm actively searching Publisher Websites for those that best fit this game. It's a largish 4X game, could be re-themed or re-branded fairly easily, plays up to 6 people, 30-45 mins/player, involves euro-style 'everyone plays to the end' mechanics, along with exploration, resource gathering, building, character development and some innovative game mechanics.

Prototype 2 - working title Monster's Lunch (ML) is a lighter euro-style game that includes mechanics of tile-laying, secret goal pursuit, interactive player mechanics, and very light dice rolling. It plays up to 6 people, 15-20 mins/player.

Once this game goes through a similar play-testing period, I think it will 'quickly' be ready for publication too.

I've also been reading the game blog of Sen-Foong Lim and Jay Cormier of Belfort fame, and gathering wisdom from their experience and process.

I'm hoping for a little push in the right direction. Can anyone offer advice as to the best way to get started down the publication path?

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The Dice Tower is an

The Dice Tower is an excellent network for board gaming, of particular note would be one of the podcasts in their network, Board Game University. This is a series of podcasts with designers, publishers, etc, where they discuss how to design, test, and publish games. Also relevant on the titular podcast The Dice Tower, recently they aired a Designers Panel they did at Gen Con this year, but again it included publishers like Stronghold Games. One of the questions was how to approach designers. The whole thing is worth a listen but it was suggested that blind submissions, even though places like Z-Man Games lists an address to send prototypes to, aren't the way to go. They actually suggested trying to schedule time with publishers at conventions or their offices.

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