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Looking for Mentor

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Hello forum goers,

My name is Geoff, and I am a Game Designer. For the past year, I have been working with a business partner on a board game, Gladiators, which I aim to make the first game sold by our upcoming business enterprise. I am looking for help: a business mentor within the board game community who can advise me on best practices, give me connections and help me avoid common pitfalls.

I cannot promise compensation per se, as I don’t even know whether my business venture will work out. Gladiators should be ready for sale by December, and we’ll see how it goes from there. All I can offer for certain is gratitude, and a strong connection to me and my network in Montreal.

To be a business mentor, you should be someone who has participated in starting up a board game business, or someone who manages a board game business; e.g. a store, a publisher, a distributor, etc. In my business plan, I will have to provide your name, professional credentials, and a brief resumé of your experience.

We will also need easy contact with each other, either by phone, Skype, or similar. After our first few chats I will be contacting you sporadically whenever I need advise, or when I am frustrated by some aspect of starting a business. You can contact me whenever you please, or if you feel there is something I should know.

I will be submitting my business plan to the government in hope of getting a grant on November 16th. I hope to get a business mentor before then, ASAP. If you feel you can help me and are comfortable with the level of personal information I will need, please do not hesitate to contact me my private message or by email:
geoffrollins (at) email (dot) com.

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Good luck!

Email sent and best of luck in your endeavor!

RK Gabhart
Driftwood Games

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Question for veterans that has published strategy board games

Hey Robert,

I saw that you had a game published with Rio Grande Games - I have been working on a euro style strategy board game that was previously presented by an agent that didn't find a licensee in the states and suggested us to try overseas (primary Europe). I know Rio Grande is one of the few publisher in states that publish strategy board games, so if you don't mind me picking your brain a bit on your experience there. Please private message me or email me at mantle0 (at) hotmail (dot) com if you have a chance!

Thanks in advance,

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Sure thing...

PM Sent!

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