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Magnetic Game Pieces

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Joined: 12/09/2009

Can anyone tell me of suppliers for large magnetic game pieces in the UK.
I am looking for:
snakes & ladders - approx 50mm dia counters
connect 4 - approx 50mm dia counters
noughts & crosses - approx 200mm dia counters
The boards are wall mounted 1m x 1m

Joined: 04/14/2009
More details needed, please...

Hi Dazroth,

I don't know of any suppliers specific to the UK, but I know you can get lots of magnets from several different online vendors. Just go to and type in "rare earth magnets" or "neodymium magnets" and you'll see a whole bunch of online retailers. These magnets come in lots of different sizes and shapes.

You can also use Google for "board game pieces" and you'll get a bunch of sites for that.

I Googled "magnetic snakes and ladders" and I found a bunch of sites that carry it as a travel game.

Why exactly are you looking for magnetic versions of those specific pieces? Are you making your own game and you like the pieces from those other games?

I suppose you could just make them yourself. Take the pieces from the regular board game and buy some little magnets from the sites you find on Google and just glue 'em on. Would that work?

Joined: 12/09/2009
Hi Cloudbuster, Thank you for

Hi Cloudbuster,
Thank you for your reply. I had already tried googling magnetic snakes and ladders etc and was coming back the same ie travel games etc.
We are a playground manufacturer in UK and these pieces we are looking for are going to be used for wall mounted games throughout the school grounds outside.
We currently supply these already to schools but buy these in as a complete package but we now have a local printer that prints the boards for us (cheaper & quicker) but are struggling to get the various pieces we are looking for to go with the wall mounted boards.
I will try contacting a few magnet suppliers but i just thought that
there would of been some standard pieces out there ie- as there is with draughts,chess pieces at different sizes.
I couldn't just take from a regular board game as the pieces would be too small for what we are looking for.
Thanks again i will try another search

Joined: 04/14/2009
Have you tried...

Ah. have a very specific need for magnetic parts. Hmmm...well I've heard of this place:

They're even located in the UK! Maybe they've got something that'll work for you, or will work in combination with some magnets you buy separately.

Good luck!

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