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Micro game advice

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Willi B
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Looking for mostly publisher input on this -

Working on my first "micro game". It can have 31 cards and 4 small cubes or 27 cards and ask players to use pen and paper to track scores. The 4 extra cards and cubes are score trackers and player aids on 1 card (for each player). Would you rather publish a game with the 31 cards and 4 cubes or 27 cards and a bit of disappointment to players from a monetary perspective?

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Personally, as a player, I

Personally, as a player, I hate when I buy a game and that it needs something extra to actually play the game.

If the score you are tracking is part of the game (and not just to track who win the most games), I suggest to have a way of tracking this score using the material of the game.

But it is true that from a publishing perspective, having only cards may be easier and cheaper to produce. And the form factor of the game (only a pack of cards), may also be a good selling point.

Willi B
Joined: 07/28/2008
Thoughts on Sushi Go!

I was pointed to this image on BGG as a possible solution:

I think this looks a bit messy.

What do you think?

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I'd imagine using only cards

I'd imagine using only cards would be better than adding cubes from a publishers perspective - they should be cheaper and it keeps everything the same size & shape for packaging. A variant of the picture in the link could probably work, if you don't like the specific layout (I think the circles are distracting), you could tweak it. For example, if you want to keep the cards both vertically oriented, but have 0 - 39 for a possible score, you could print the zero on the top of one side, the 10 on the bottom, and then have the +20 & +30 on the top and bottom of the reverse side. Hopefully a person with publishing experience will chime in as well though.
As a side note, people play card games like rummy 500 or hearts and have to provide their own paper, so I don't think it's entirely unreasonable to let people do that themselves if scoring isn't complicated.
Best of luck.

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