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Miniatures in Promotional Pictures?

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So I have designed a few terrains I am going to sell on my website, and am trying to get some good promotional pictures that show the terrain off. Can I use miniatures from other games as decorational characters when promoting the terrain?

My knee jerk reaction is no... but you never know...

RacNRoll Gaming
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Miniatures in promotional pictures

You can but you need to specify the following along with the pictures...

A-Figures in picture are there to show scale only.
B-That you have no affiliation with the game or manufacturers of said figures nor they with you.
C-That your terrain, while compatible, is not "Official" licensed terrain.

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Generic minis?

I would consider ordering non-game specific minis from a smaller distributor and contacting them to let them know your intentions. They will probably be thrilled at the cross promotion opportunity.

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