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Monster Keep: A NEW beginning

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I figured I'd post this since it has been occupying my mind over the last few days. What do I mean by "NEW"? It's nothing NEW except it is FOR MK... What I mean is this was a path that I decided NOT to go along on ... And now I have (I guess!?) changed my mind.

So reviewing the Pricing of all Monsters in MK... I realized that I could OFFER about ~25% off of the retail price of my Pre-Constructed Micro Decks. That's an interesting proposition... That really feels like a REASONABLE discount!

Next I realized that wherever I make the Final Cards ... I need to SHOW what it is that the Gamers are BUYING. And that means sharing all the Unique Monsters from the First (1st) Edition ... So where ever I make this information PUBLIC it will need to be revealed in its entirety. So any choice I make ... Somewhere the cards will NEED to be "revealed".

The Artwork and Design Template have been done for MK too. No more additional art assets ... Except for one or two "splash screens"!

What does this mean (and in English)???

I am planning on a Super-Small, Super-Tight Kickstarter (KS). It's goal will be in connection to the aspects presented above (~25% discount, Reveal of all 1st Edition Monsters, Fully Rendered Cards, etc.)

When is this going to happen?? Maybe as EARLY as June 1st, 2023. This is TENTATIVE ATM. I've got a bunch of things to do... So we'll need to see. I've got to do so much and we'll have to WAIT and SEE!

Plus I am shopping around "Crystal Heroes" (CH) so that too is in my inbox of things to CONTINUE to do!

I also need to work on the website... Which ATM is not going that GREAT! We'll have to wait an SEE how I make it happen or not and what the timing looks like!

So a few things to do and keep me super BUSY.

Cheers all...

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Best of Success...!

Just popping in to offer you encouragement and a reassuring voice. Any KS campaign is a major endeavor, particularly if you want a rousing success. So don't take the step lightly, but when you do, be sure to devote as much energy and effort as you can muster into meeting your fundraising goals.

Wishing you the best of success once your campaign is up and running, quest. :)

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