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My dice game "In Security" - is it Kickstartable?

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Koen Hendrix
Joined: 11/24/2010

So I've created this quick & light dice game called "In Security" for a game design contest over on BGG. At least some people like it, as reactions have been positive and it seems to be getting a fair amount of votes in the contest. The game also uses very limited components -- just some player cards and some dice. (If you're interested, here's the How-To-Play movie: )

So I'm thinking, half-decent game + few components = Kickstarted microgame!

I could probably produce it for a few pounds and ship it for another pound, so we'd be talking a £6/$10 game or so. (A bit more for non-UK backers.) And a low funding target.

However, I haven't got the time or the skill to produce a TMG- or James Earnest-quality campaign. I'm not pouring all my savings into this. And I have no following or experience of building up an audience.

So... Any opinions? Does this look like a game worth £6/$10? Any suggestions for where I could start promoting my game? And if I would possibly win this BGG contest, would 'Winner of the blah blah contest' be a good substitute for actual independent reviews?

Joined: 10/12/2013
That game sounds pretty

That game sounds pretty awesome.

If you don't want to make it a PnP game (which I totally get), then I'd Kickstart and just send the board. That would probably come around 5$ and be shippable in a letter (depending on the boards' size). I'd totally back that. at 10$+ worldwide shipping, it starts to be problematic though. And I mean, we all have enough dice at home!

Regarding the contest, yes, if you do win, that's a praise that could be included. All in all however, I think this is the kind of game that could be published by an actual publisher, saving you the trouble of a KS campaign. My 2c.

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Joined: 01/14/2013
What an elegant set of ideas,

What an elegant set of ideas, totally dig it, and the cyberpunky lite flavour is spot on :) (though personally I don't like dice - that's very much a personal thing though :P)

Don't have much experience with KS but the component lightness of it I guess is both a plus and a minus... From what I've seen people seem to like KS with a bunch of stuff that they can't easily get themselves... And a single card (per player, so call it 6 cards at the most) doesn't really seem juicy enough.

If custom dice is in the game it may make it more interesting. I can't think of players - casual or hardcore - who can't find a bunch of dice :)

Congrats on the idea!

Koen Hendrix
Joined: 11/24/2010
Thanks for the feedback! I've

Thanks for the feedback!

I've now won in some categories of the contest (yay!), so with your positive comments I'm leaning more and more to making this thing a reality :)

Joined: 06/07/2012
This looks like a very nice

This looks like a very nice game Koen. To simplify the KS process you could partner up with The Game Crafter. They have helped a number of KSers with their projects. While they don’t provide help with the setup or administration of a campaign they could cover your production and distribution elements.

Two of their production options are 18 cards for $1.56 and wrap packaging for 18 cards at $1.99. Alternatively, you could simply use one of their velvet pouch/bag. As others have pointed out most gamers have oodles of dice so the added cost of including them is possibly unwarranted – although it could be included as an extra pledge level for those that don’t have piles of dice or those that want some fancy dice.

The prices I listed are for a single copy, TGC offer bulk discounts and the opportunity to include your own components is a possibility (subject to discussion). So sourcing some nice velvet pouches/bags at around the 40-50c mark for inclusion is a potential option.

In respect to the remaining 12 cards (assuming 6 cards are used for the basic game) you might consider doing something with them. Something along the lines of a system administrator deck for the company that introduces ongoing or durational rules that affect all the players. These cards could block options, reduce secrets in respect to conditionals, multiply secret gains and so on.

The draw could be player led as a roll option, cards could be drawn as a result of a specific combination (like three 1’s) or a number of cards could be drawn at the start of the game and they are introduced at set points (when one of the players reaches X number of secrets).

Anyway, I’d recommend getting in touch with TGC and exploring the issue. You could stop by their chat page, which is always lively and always worth a visit, or contact JT and the team directly (which would be the more professional and advisable route).

Oh, and regarding the chat community a lot of regular participants have run successful Kick Starters either on their own or in conjunction with TGC. The participants are a helpful and happy bunch of game lovers who are always open to answering questions and offering advice (UK mornings and evenings are best because a lot of them are based in the US).

Nick Taylor
Joined: 03/31/2014
That looks fun

Great game Koen. I'd love to play that, and be very tempted buy it, especially if it was in the $5 range.

Have you looked at Drive Thru Cards? I know it wouldn't get a much exposure as KS, the game would be very affordable through them, especially with cards only. If you game consisted of only 6 cards (with rules on the undersides), the Drive Thru, print on demand manufacturing costs would only be $.51 cents. You could still mark up the game to $5, and get $3.64 profit per game. If you win the contest you could actually ride the publicity and let people buy the game in the next couple of weeks.

Daniel Solis has proved you can make some decent spending money (but not great wealth) selling card games print on demand.

Koen Hendrix
Joined: 11/24/2010
Great tip Nick! I hadn't

Great tip Nick! I hadn't looked at DriveThruCards. I did look at TGC because I;'ve used them before, and saw that ironically their cheapest option for just 6 cards is their (huge) Jumbo cards for $1.25.

If the KickStarter falls flat, or maybe just after the KickStarter's ended, I may well put the game on DriveThruCards for anyone interested.

I don't know how much 'publicity' there will be to 'ride' though, we'll see ;)

Nick Taylor
Joined: 03/31/2014
Good Luck

Good luck Kickstarting it. It's a nice microgame and looks like could be very successful. I'd off it with and without dice at two different prices. And if you do offer it with dice, find some cool looking ones that fit the theme.


Koen Hendrix
Joined: 11/24/2010
I've created a Kickstarter

I've created a Kickstarter preview page now. I'd appreciate any and all feedback on my text, video, pledge levels etc.

I'm going the 'humble' route here... basically doing a low-cost low-target no-risk no-profit campaign. That also means I've got basically no promotion or reviews or anything. I wonder how it'll pan out, any thoughts?

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Joined: 02/18/2014
Similar question at the Boardgamegeek

Over there at the 'geek some guy canceled his campaign and asked, why in the crowd's opinion the project has been doomed to fail.

The consense has been: apart from the game not looking exciting enough, the guy did not have such a thing as a fan base. Without some followers around you, you do not even need to think about starting this game, because if no one knows, what you are doing, there is no point in asking for funds.

Kind regards,

Koen Hendrix
Joined: 11/24/2010
Thanks Kai, yes, I've seen

Thanks Kai, yes, I've seen that. Very interesting to read everyone's opinion there. Other sources of Kickstarter advice teach that same lesson that you need a following before the KS launch. I guess I'm just seeing if I can work around it with a low funding target.

I mean, those Highway Hustle guys will not reach their goal, but they did raise around 1500 pounds, which is a lot more than I'm aiming for. A typical game might need 500+ people to pledge $20, which obviously requires promotion and marketing. I'm looking for just 75 people to pledge $5 (roughly), which might be possible without. We'll see... If it doesn't work out for me I'll still have the heavy-promotion option available to me, right :)

Koen Hendrix
Joined: 11/24/2010
In case anyone's still

In case anyone's still interested in this: my Kickstarter campaign launched a few minutes ago. :)

Thanks everyone!

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Joined: 04/26/2014
Hey, just found this post and

Hey, just found this post and read the rules. Sounds like a great game so I backed it on Kickstarter. I hope it gets funded.

I encourage everybody else to give the rules a read through. Only takes about 5 minutes.

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