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need help with my game

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I developed a board game I've posted a thread Babbage to know why my game was postponed publisher
Since I have not received an answer I bring you here the chaining:
here part of the rules:

Challenging strategy game, you are one of the founders of the city builder and protect it from future damage.
You can reward your moves and block your opponent's objectives.
Are available from a variety of manpower and service vehicles to help you progress toward the goal - the establishment of all necessary structures

Game component
2 Game tables, 18 city buildings, 20 buildings, 10 Manpower figures, 14 manpower Cards, 26 roads section, 3 Cars Service, Money packaged, 1 Cards package

The goal
Build all the buildings of the city before the opponent.
The winner is the first builds all 9 buildings

Each player receives a game board, 3 public buildings including a bank building and 1000 money. The player must place money under 3 buildings received the discretion, and then cover it with the building. It should also leave money to continue the game to buy Resources.
After placing the buildings cannot transfer money from a building or a bank building, but you can transfer money from the bank a player or player bank

Game start
Mix the deck and divide 10 cards. Each player holds10 cards in hand. The cards are divided into two types:
Benefit cards - reward the player with the money for the purchase of buildings, manpower, roads, only when in possession of such resources.
Event cards - These cards allow the player to block the progress of the opponent by causing a robbery, fire and dirt at buildings opponent
When an opponent gets a card and has no defenses he might lose the money which is under the building - if not enough money, he loses the whole structure.
The player can protect his assets with appropriate manpower - a policeman, a fireman or a cleaning once forgotten man at a building located in the public, your opponent can not use the ballot box event that targets a specific building
For example a card fire Town Hall when the player has placed a fireman at the building.
Additional protections by service vehicles are able to protect the board from all event cards. You can set the vehicle on the board only when the road infrastructure has partial or complete. The vehicle hire service for a limited time, all started as payment. The player can hold the car as long as he needed.
The player decides how and when to use the cards according to game progress opponent. Each turn you can make one move - buying one type of resource example 3 teachers, effective use of the card or use an event card. When player 3 cards left hand he puts them aside and takes 10 more cards.

Thank's for any comment or question


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Joined: 06/30/2010
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