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A new Journal - Feedback needed!v :)

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marilena nadanull
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Joined: 10/27/2016

Hello to all of you people!
I am Marilena from Greece and I am currently trying to setup a self - publishing thing. I have dig up wonderful advice from this forum and now I feel (kind of) ready to actively participate..!

I have just set up a journal that I record my efforts to self - publish (well, to make it to kickstarter to be honest). Although still under construction, I would really appreciate some feedback! Comments are also welcome!!

Also you can check my *Just Published!!* Twitter account and my facebook page (followers and likes are so much welcome)!!

Thank you for your time!

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Joined: 01/17/2016
Looks good

The site looks good Marilena. The only thing I have a cncern about is the commitment to a daily post. A lot of people won't have time to check each day so this means that they will need to view multiple pages. I understand that the commitment 'forces' you to do stuff but on those days where you can't get to doing anything game related it means extra work for you & the reader.

My suggestion would be to commit to a weekly summary, broken into days within the page if needed. That way you can keep notes & then post it weekly on the same day & followers will get to know & can check it. I've heard of pod casters doing weekly posts at set times that get contacted by followers checking if something is wrong when they have forgotten to post an update or haven't set it to public so people can see it.

marilena nadanull
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Joined: 10/27/2016
Thank you for your feedback

Thank you for your feedback Tedthebug.
Daily quality posts is something that worries me too, even though I work at least a couple of hours every day, I am not sure that I can provide valid and useful results every single time...
The main point is to *find out* live and honestly, how a first time self publisher is spending his time (or his life, in the long term...)! People outside the hobby think that "ok, you just put your thing on kickstarter, how much work does that need?" and I really feel that I have to record all the effort... and maybe give a few tips to someone else doing research on the same things.
Your idea about weekly posts sounds great and I think that I will turn it this way in a couple of weeks (I still set up my page so I need the daily thing for the time). But, I decided not to post on Weekends! :))
Thank you again for the advise! ;)

Rory J. Somers
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Joined: 09/28/2016
Great idea

Really, this is a smashing idea, and one that I'll be keen to follow.

I too would have to agree that a daily post is too much, and a weekly post would be far better suited to both your time and your readership.

Even now, there are 15 (ish) posts to sift through - and to be honest I am more likely to use your tags to guide me through rather than read them all.

But really, great idea, and I commend your courage and commitment in doing this.

marilena nadanull
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Joined: 10/27/2016
Thank you Rory for your

Thank you Rory for your feedback and for encouraging my work...
So, I will work towards the weekly update and to easy topic navigation.
I will also add a text to the Newsletter subscribe that will explain that I will not bother people daily with my blahblah and I will inform my followers only if something major happens!
You two people checked my site, you gave me positive feedback,but no one subscribed! I have to work towards making subscriptions more appealing I guess!
Again thank both of you for your time! That is why getting feedback is great...!:)

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