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New Site for Amateur Game Designers

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Joined: 12/25/2012

Hey Everyone

I've finally decided to create a website where I can discuss my experiences as an amateur game designer, encourage other game designers, and also help keep me on track during the development of The King's Legion.

The site, Level One Game Designer, can be found here:

The first post is entitled 10 Reasons I'm Excited for GenCon.

The site is far from complete, so please forgive the lack of functioning social media links.

I welcome all input. Thank you in advance for your time, and enjoy the ready!

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Joined: 04/16/2011
I learned something *NEW*...

They have their own CUSTOM beer at GenCon: 20-Sided Rye.

I think this deserved a post of it's own... Makes me sad that I live in Canada and that I am missing the greatest 4 days in Gaming!

If you do go there - I would recommend TRYING the beer! lol

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Your links lead me to

Your links lead me to nothing, which I suppose could be a biting indictment of GenCon if your 10 reasons are a "Page Not Found" error.

My favorite reason for going is running the Victim: The Mugging LARP out in the loading area. No admission price, but bring your wallet. Also, I like putting signs on the backs of Cosplayers that say stuff like "Clap if you consider my outfit to be symptomatic of the decline of Western Civilization" and "You'd be doing me a favor by stealing anything my character doesn't have in the game/movie/porn/whatever." I also like to offer them idiot vaccinations to protect them from doing the same thing next year. This year, we were going to do a world's longest human centipede but the Krazy Glue endorsement fell through.

Joined: 12/25/2012
LOL! I made a few backend

LOL! I made a few backend changes which must have took the site down.

In any case, it's back up with a new address:
Level 1: Game Designer

I just posted my recap of GenCon, including the top 3 games I playtested (include Rumors of Chaos by BGDF's very own keirion) and the 3 games I brought home with me from GenCon.

My main goal is to use the site to encourage other aspiring game designers and provide some insight through my own experiences. But since I created it right before GenCon, my only two posts are pre and post GenCon.

New posts will come weekly, and next week's will be about game design.


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Hey David! It was great

Hey David!

It was great getting to playtest The King's Legion as well as get to show of Rumors of Chaos for the first time! Thanks for the love on your blog. Apparently you've been much faster to recover and get back into the swing of things than I have.

The links on your blog are a bit funky currently fyi.
-The blog buttons from the navigation bar and home page don't take you to the actual blog
-None of the social media buttons actually take you to your social media! This seems especially important for getting people to follow you. :)


Joined: 12/25/2012
Thanks Alex! It's a work in

Thanks Alex! It's a work in progress, but I think I made the proper adjustments.

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