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Now what? (ready to make that publishing deal!)

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I think I've got several designs ready for "prime time." Designed, prototyped, played, listed on BBG, showcased on my website, half-a-dozen hand-built protos in my workshop, and production-ready flies sitting on my computer. Got no money... I've taken the process about as far as I can on my own. (See or look for NewVenture Games on the Geek.)
I've been researching the "agent" route, which sounds like a good option, but they seem to speak in terms of one game at a time. I have a bunch of games at this stage, and what I'd really like is a professional to look them over, help me decide which are most marketable, and which are worth further investment. A "trained eye" to help bring the proverbial cream to the top.
I'm a creative guy, not a business person, and I'm very willing to pay for that expertise in royalties (when the time comes).
So I wonder..."What now?"

Willi B
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I can't speak to the route of

I can't speak to the route of agents because they are largely unnecessary for the companies you would be aiming for with your games. I would pick your best 3 games and examine which companies make games like them. I think Nestor and Blue Panther (both here) are more apt to produce something abstract and you have a few of those.

And one piece of caution from a non-agent: the card board game uses a patent held by Hasbro utilizing the cards of a game as its board. I'm not telling you what to do about that, I'm just informing you.

monkey man
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wow I wonder if any of us stand a chance

I rarely comment on things I have little knowledge of but wow.
Looking at your site and all of your very professional titles I cant believe the game market hasn't beaten a path to your door.
Better mousetrap.

Did you print all of these yourself ? do you do your own art?

If you can't get a deal in this business I think the rest of us may be in trouble. LOL

I would love to try out some of your games and give you feedback albeit just one guys opinion.

I do have a small group i pull from to playtest my games and would love the chance to get a few of these in front of them.

Monkey man

truekid games
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a huge amount of games use

a huge amount of games use "cards as the board", the patent Hasbro has is much more specific, and as long as he's not straight-up copying Hasbro's game, I don't think that's a concern.

also, to further my being contrary, I wouldn't say "beat a path to his door"- good graphic design for prototypes certainly, but don't confuse that for quality of game (which is not to say the games are bad by any means, but he does work in marketing, so i'd have been surprised if the games were ugly).

and to be helpful-

figure out where your market is for each game (hobby european, hobby american, mainstream american, party game, abstract, etc.) Then research publishers for each type. Any time your top choice of publisher is something owned by Hasbro (which includes parker brothers, milton bradley, avalon hill, wizards of the coast, and lots of others) or Mattel, Steve Jackson, Fantasy Flight, or Days of Wonder (which is to generally say "mainstream american market" like toys-r-us/wal-mart and a big chunk of "hobby american" which is comic and game shops), I'd probably recommend getting an agent for those games. A good Agent will give you, at the very least, feedback on multiple titles (you're not employing him for "a game", you're employing him for "your games". he'll probably be enthused that you've got a portfolio rather than one title.)

For the games that you'd be looking at a different publishers for (for example, Nestor or Gigamic would be where I'd look to for abstracts), you can probably handle it yourself. Check their website for submission information, and if it's not there, email them and ask them what their submissions policy is. They'll usually send you a canned response that details their guidelines and the steps you should take.

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'By Any Other Name' sounds really interesting!


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"Pick the best three" is a challenge...

"Best" is so subjective. Best this type; best this style; best this price-point; best this audience...
BUT I get what you're saying. I guess it's time for the submission round, eh?

Thanks for all the compliments! I believe the games behind the fancy artwork are worthy of consideration - at least for a dozen or so of them.

RE: Playtesting, etc. if you want to contact me thru the NewVenture site, we'll see what we can arrange.

Meanwhile, I continue to refine and revise...

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