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Number of copies for initial manufacturing run of a card game (prospective KS)

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Let me HELP you a bit

evansmind244 wrote:
I didn't discuss the window with Mike and I only told him it was a Christmas Themed game.

It is my conclusion that your "approach" was incorrect. Stating your game is a "Christmas" themed game has nothing to do with your Kickstarter. In my opinion you should have started with a "timeline" and explain the TYPE of help you need. Why would you LEAD with "it's a Christmas themed game"???

evansmind244 wrote:
He said he's working 2 jobs and is very busy.

Yes he is very busy. But helping out on KS campaigns is the direction they want to be going in. They don't want to deal with the manufacturing and fulfillment side of the KS campaigns.

evansmind244 wrote:
Ideally I would like to have the KS ready to run in August or September. Which would give me 2 months to get games Manufactured and delivered by the end of November.

This is a TERRIBLE timeline. It gives you NO ROOM to breathe and ensure that the manufacturer can bang out your game in time for "Christmas".

Now I'll try HELPING you and IF you "agree" ... Well then let me discuss things with Mike.

  1. Your Kickstarter should be in May (30 days). And it should end before June 1, 2019.

  2. You should allow yourself more time to get everything done AND "delivered".

  3. You need to get the rulebook worked on by the "Graphic Designer" like ASAP if you don't want to MISS your opportunity to Kickstart in May 2019.

  4. Do you have prototypes? If yes, has the game been "playtested"??

  5. If the game HAS been playtested, have you done any "BLIND" playtesting? This means you provide your rulebook and the players read and subsequently PLAY your game without ANY assistance.

  6. If you have not had ANY Blind Playtesting, there are services which can help with this. Like "Coalition Games Studio" or "The Game Smiths".

  7. What is it that you NEED "Help" for??? You seem to have a "Graphic Designer" that can HELP make your KS campaign page LOOK "nice"... I can help you with some ideas for FREE (like have a Present and a Heading like "Introduction" or some Cookies and a Heading like "Game Layout", etc.)

  8. You need to be "transparent" because although help might be offered, it will come at a price ... AND the people helping you need to know what it is you need help on.

  9. You can START designing your KS page TODAY. Don't wait start putting it together as you would a MS Word Document (Headings and Paragraphs).

  10. You need to get price quotes for the manufacturing of your game. This is CRITICAL in knowing HOW MUCH it is going to cost and how much shipping will be, etc.

  11. Eventually you will need to send out your "prototype" and get reviewers to comment on your game. Having NO reviews is a difficult sell. Even if you have only ONE (1) reviewer saying "it's a nice game" ... that is enough. Or you can have someone like the "Undead Viking" or "Board to Death" put together a PLAYTHRU video...

  12. As you can see there is a LOT of work AHEAD of you. And I'm not kidding...

Take a look at this list and tell me what you have done, feel like you can handle and what you need HELP with. I'm trying to help you... but there is so much that needs to be done... It's not going to happen miraculously without YOU getting in and "getting dirty" to have it done.


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