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OGL publishing and legality

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sorry in advance if this is the wrong area, this is my first post here.

I am working with an RPG company that has a product that is ready for print, except for a Rules System. We are considering using a modified version of the OGL 3.5E D&D system. Is moding or hacking the OGL or SRD system legal? Can one change how rules work so long as one notes they are producing a different system using the Open Source doccuments? Can the subsequent material be published (with or without the D20 compatabillity logo) so long as the required legal doccuments were reprinted in the first three pages? I understand a forum is no substitue for a lawyer, but does anyone happen to know about this open source doccument off hand? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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I'm not an expert, but D20 is

I'm not an expert, but D20 is gone. Wizards of the Coast rescinded the license, or something, when they put out 4th Edition. I heard that a couple of companies had to remove the D20 logo from their books if they still wanted to sell them.

You may want to ask your questions over on There are a lot of very smart people who know more than I do about the d20 license.

One suggestion: if you want a free system to use, you may want to check out Fudge (my personal favorite), or it's derivative Fate (used in Spirit of the Century, Diaspora, Starblazers, etc). From what I understand, the systems are free to use, but check the licenses.

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I believe the d20 license is revoked only if you sign the gsl to produce licensed 4e content. I don't believe that the OGL can be revoked as Pathfinder from Paizo Publishing is using it.

As far as using the OGL for original work, you can do that with one exception, whatever is OGL content stays that way and must be described as such if you use it. You can say that anything other than what is OGL content is closed or copyright 'blah blah blah'. You cannot close or claim ownership of OGL content but your own is fine. They can both exist in a single product.

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I have a pretty lengthy FAQ

I have a pretty lengthy FAQ on the OGL on our website if you want to check it out.

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