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Others ways to Market your game

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So for me Cons are difficult to get to being in the military and going to school during nights and weekends. I have several designs that are ready for publication technically but i need to find a marketing strategy that works for my schedule right now. Any suggestions?

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Sell Sheet, maybe?

If you can come up with a *nice* Sell Sheet, you can then submit that to multiple Publishers and state that you are making contact with several and that you are willing to discuss your game with parties interested in it...

That should be something you could do in whatever free time you find.

Since it doesn't appear like you do, the best thing is to take whatever time you do have to design your Sell Sheet at whatever pace is appropriate to you given the amount of time you have to design one.

If you don't have any time, consider hiring a Graphics Artist to make you a template matching the theme of your game. It will probably set you back $100 - $250... But at least you'll have a template and only need to plug in your pitch and prototype sample "screenshots" (for lack of a better term).

Perhaps that is a better use of your limited time.

Good luck with your game(s)!

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