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Our Stock Art available at RGPNow!

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Hello BGDF community,
Some of you might know me already. Please excuse this shameless plug, but this post might actually be interesting to aspring game-designers, part-time developers and professionals as well:

Over the course of several years, we at 1manstudio acquired a decent selection of handcrafted artworks. Part of the images have been used in past projects, others will be used in future project and some of them are overstock or obsolete. We are now selling a large portion of our artworks as digital copies at

We currently have 4 different lines in various price ranges, from Bronze (free), Silver ($ 0.99 each), Gold ($ 9.95 each) to Mythril ($ 24.95 each). All artworks come as 300 dpi images of at least 2.500 by 2.000 pixels. By buying our artworks, you not only acquire a handcrafted piece of work done by a talented individual - you also get a non-exclusive license to use the art in commercial products as well.

Our quality is much higher than most of the usual stock art that is available. This explains our slightly higher prices. Note that especially the Gold and Mythril lines have been produced to be featured in commercial products. So these artworks satisfy customer needs and provide a perfect starting point for a indie games developer who wants to jump into the business of producing games with professional assets.

Thanks for tolerating my disturbance,
attached you find a link to our stock-art store at RPGNow. Expect at least another 50 images to be added this year, with more to come 2015 !


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Fantastic work, Tobias!

Fantastic work, Tobias! :D

Best of success on future sales.

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Thanks for your comment,

Thanks for your comment, thats motivating!

Yay, the first artworks have been up for less than a week and we already generated a few sales.

Actually, I don't earn much from this effort. It's what Im doing to give my artists something back. And if you compare the prices to unique artwork commission prices - thats more than ok.

attched is a sample to wet your taste-buds:

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