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Pair-of-Dice Games presents R.U.M.B.L.

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Pair-of-Dice Games is proud to present it's next game, R.U.M.B.L (or
RoboUltimateMechaBattleLeague). R.U.M.B.L. is a two player game in which each player controls a team of robots over three rounds in a futuristic sport which is a cross between Sumo and Demolition Derby. Each robot has a different ability: Some fly, some push, some explode. It's up to each player to decide when to deploy the robots on his or her team. R.U.M.B.L. is a fast, fun two player game of simultaneous programming and futuristic sport.

Game page:

A complete sample game in PDF format:

Boardgamegeek page:

The game will first be available at BoardGameGeekcon in Dallas, TX on November 17-21. Shortly thereafter, it will be available at and other venues.

So, are you ready to R.U.M.B.L.?

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Very cool, Greg .... good

Very cool, Greg .... good luck with the launch! :-)


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Good luck!

Yes, good luck!

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