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Paying Markets

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I wanted to bring up a couple markets that may interest some of you.

I found out about this magazine, "Games World of Puzzles," which pays between $500 and $1k for articles, original 2 player games, puzzles, fake advertisements, etc. Yes, their website looks like a relic from the '90s. They are looking for 2,000 to 2,500 words in length, which makes their rates pretty great, but note that they buy ALL rights. Don't know much about them, but you can read their guidelines at:

I also recommend Kenzer & Co.'s Knights of the Dinner Table magazine as a good starting point for anyone wanting to break in to writing gaming articles. They do lean toward RPG content, but they do editorials and such, as well as game reviews. Their guidelines have specific categories. Pay is .03/word, again for all rights, which is a little harsh compared to the fiction market where you are usually just selling first rights. They can also be a little . . . disorganized, so if you don't hear back, it may be worth checking in a few months later just in case they published your article and forgot to tell you.

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