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Paying your artists - What's the standard?

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So I'm curious, what is the industry standard for paying artists? Not just with indie designers, but also large companies.

Coming from the view point of an artist, I'd personally aim for royalties off of all the sales. I could see how that could stop an indie designer from ever being able to afford to keep their game out there though. A large scale company may do this as standard. I'm not sure.

I'm wondering for those out there that have published your games, what sort of deals have you made with your artists? Have you paid flat rates? Royalties on all sales? Royalties with caps? How much have you ended up paying your artists?

What are the ways some of you have done, what have you seen done and work well, and what is the standard (if there is one) for larger companies?

My partner and I have an artist in mind, but haven't approached her yet. Since we haven't done this before, I figure it's probably best that we don't jump in blind. We know our games, we don't know the business of games though.

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First, I guess, is find out

First, I guess, is find out what that particular artist charges and negotiate from there. Freelance artists normally work on their own terms and based off of what the feel their work is worth.

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