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Pitching your game to a publisher while there's a similar game out there...

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Hi Guys!
I designed, created a prototype and tested a game for the last year and I'm ready to pitch that game to a publisher.
I ordered tickets to Essen 2013 and planned to present the game to publishers at the fair... The thing is that a similar game just came out this year (April 2013) and I just found that about it now.
What does similar means: they share the same category (theme and atmosphere), they share the same mechanic, they share almost the same game play except for the scoring and winning mechanism.

So regarding that there's a similar game out there is there a chance that my game will be picked up by a publisher?
What do you think??

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Similar games can prove that there is a market for your game.
Don't be discouraged!

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Be honest!

My advice is: be honest! During the presentation is better to acknowledge there is a similar game on the market, and explain why your game is different.
You cannot hide this information for long (and probably they will know as soon as you start explaining the rules), so it is better to let it out.
Of course this means the game could be rejected, but... hey!... this is a typical risk in this job.
Also, you still have time to tweak some minor rules so the two games do not look like perfect twins.

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My biggest concern would be

My biggest concern would be that if people already own a similar game... WHY would they spend money on yours?

When you are talking about the game be sure to acknowledge that the other games exist... but point out why your game is needed. Are you a cheaper alternative or does your scoring keep all the players balanced? You have plenty of time to think of a reason why your game is special. Use this time to perfect your pitch.

As with any submission, you just need to prove that there is a market for YOUR game. Publishers won't have time to explore those possibilities at Essen... so do the thinking for them.

On a side note, don't be surprised if they want to re-theme it so that it's not as close as you say to another game.

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