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Placing info on the Geek

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Hey you guys.

Most of you won't know me since I only post or reply here sporadically but I got some nice news from my publisher last week. My main project Ortus has gotten to the final stage of testing and soon it will be decided if it will hit the shelves any time soon.

I got the ok to post some info on the web, so I thought about starting on the Geek (I wanted to attach a PDF of the gamerules here on BGDF but it exceeds the 1MB attachment limit threefold), but I'm not sure about their policies. Sure I've read the submission rules on their site, but I was wondering if any of you ever posted a full fledged prototype on there.

Any story would be greatly appreciated. Alternatives to the Geek as well.



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I did

I've posted a couple of prototypes on BGG [back when I knew how to use the upload thingie].

I started two forums on the DESIGN page - one for GODS ALONG THE NILE and one for COMBAT LINES.

Both are now for sale - but only from me. I don't expect anybody to pick up COMBAT LINES, but GODS might get snapped up by somebody.

As it turns out, basically what I did was post the rulebooks as I developed them [GODS was actually worked up here on BGDF]. The finished books both look different from what is posted, but that happens.

I would suggest the same - start a forum on BGG talking about your rulebook. You'll get some good feedback. I can't guarantee any ACTION [as in sales]- because that never happened for me. Doesn't mean it won't happen for you, though.

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