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Please check my sanity on the Kickstart Project for Ars Victor

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Joined: 04/18/2012

Hey everyone! I'm 25 days away from starting my Kickstarter project to print Ars Victor. Have you run a Kickstarter project before? Can you eyeball my plan, stretch goals, and pledge levels, and point out any problems you see?

Right now I'm looking for feedback on:
- The backer levels, the pledge amounts, and the rewards
- The stretch goals
- The overall structure of the page (e.g. sequence of content)
- The video and text content listed under "What is Ars Victor"

Much of what you see is placeholder or rough draft:
- The video is only a placeholder.
- All graphics are 'color coded wireframe', not final graphics
- Copy for the "Spoils of Victory" reward descriptions are mostly placeholder

Thanks in advance for your feedback! Here's the link to the project preview:

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