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PnP: Guidelines to set up a price

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Joined: 07/28/2008

I am trying to determine at what price should I sell my game.

Since it took more than 1 year to make the game and all the components are in color, I consider that it is a good solid game.

So how much would people be willing to pay for it?

My estimations were between 8$ and 15$. AnNy suggestions?

Would it be a good idea to make a release sale?

I thought that since nobody has played the game, people are buying blindly so why not give them a rebate so that they could leave comments that will influence other buyers.

Still they are not buying completely blind since there is a demo but maybe there are other good reasons to make a release sale.

thank you for any feedback

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if your price point is as low as $10, consider browsing BGG for some game groups willing to test and review the game for a free copy. you can check out previous reviews by the group to determine who will give a quality review.

A good few reviews will boost interest a lot.


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The price will depend on the

The price will depend on the type of game.

War games can sell for $15 as PnP but not many other games could draw that much even with good art and a solid game design.


If you haven’t already i would look at the other board games at RPGNOW and compare them with yours.

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