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How finished, i.e. professional looking, does a game need to be before you submit it to a publisher? I'm a designer, not an artist. I copied some stuff from the internet and glued it to cardboard from a cereal box, cut the heads off some rubber dinosaurs and play-tested. It seems to be a good game but it is not what you might call eye-catching. Any advice?

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Stolen bits

I've seen many a game that was being playtested with stolen bits from other games. Find an inexpensive game or one you can find on eBay or on sale at a big box store and steal components from it to make your demo version.
Hope that helps,
Levi Mote

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Not very

Having playtested submissions for several publishers over the years I have seen them give serious consideration to designs drawn on paper with colored pencil. I think the key is it needs to function well. I use clip art as does many well-known designers such as Dr. Knizia.

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