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Printerstudio - Anyone Used Them?

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Hi all, I'm looking at the possibility of bringing a game to market via KickStarter and there's a lot of things I'm trying to figure out about what I do/don't need.

I came across as a viable option for the game and I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with them? From what I found online, they sound good and reliable.

I'm mainly curious because I'm looking at a run of 250 copies of the game and they claim it'll be here within 30 days and without shipping costs. That last bit is particularly great, if it is indeed a good source.

So, any opinions?

The Professor
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No info on


While I have no connection to the Printerstudio, The Game Crafter is out here quite often. Several people I personally know and with whom I have a professional connection have used them and have been pleased with the results.


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I've used them and your game

I've used them and your game is printed in China and sent to you in about 2-3 week. It's good quality and great price. I'd use them again.

If you're looking to keep it state side, you can also try


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