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Pulling my hair out trying to find a US printer that can handle the rulebook, cards, tiles, and box for our game. Anyone have any suggestions? The ones that I can find that are "available" require astronomical print runs. As a start-up, someone that can handle and is willing to do somewhere in the 500-2000 run would be nice. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Checkout these places: and These sites have been mentioned here on bgdf more than enough times. Hope this helps you and your team out and welcome to the forum.

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CPC - Orlando

Check out Customized Playing Cards in Orlando, FL. They actually print in China I think, but might have printing capability in the U.S. too. They did a 500 copy print run for our game, Seven Sisters. The email is Ask for Doug or Charles.

If you are interested in our experiences with them, shoot me a PM.


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Victory Point Press

I work at Victory Point Games and run a division called Victory Point Press. We can't do plastics, but everything you mentioned there specifically we can do. We work with you one on one basis to fit your needs. We don't automate the process, you would deal with a person. More than likely me.

We aren't going to be as cheap per unit as those companies that have minimum print runs but, then again... we don't technically have minimum print runs, but we do have set up fees. I say technically because if for some reason your design has to be made 15 games at a time for some reason we ask that you then order in multiples of 15. The setup fees are fair, one time fees and account for the time it takes to take your finalized art and fit it into our templates for production.

If you want to know more email

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Far as I know, 360

Far as I know, 360 Manufacturering and both outsource to china anyway.

There is also if you just have cards but you don't.

Evil ColSanders
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I'm trying to find a printer

I'm trying to find a printer as well. I read stories on here and BGG of hit and miss of Game Crafter. I've contacted 360 by phone and e-mail and they never got back to me. I thought they were US made... at least that's what what advertised on the website.

Are there any other US companies which will do a small print run of a board game (not just cards)?

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Cards are made in US

Evil ColSanders wrote:
...I've contacted 360 by phone and e-mail and they never got back to me. I thought they were US made... at least that's what what advertised on the website.

I think if you game is *card-based* only then do they get it done in the US. If your game requires parts and other material, I believe then they outsource to China. I have contacted Custom Playing Cards for my *card-focused* game (although there is extra material such as chipboard and wooden pieces) and they responded promptly with reasonable costs to manufacture 500 units.

What sorta sucks is for 1,000 units it's only a little bit more expensive (+$1,000). That's what kinda tempts me into producing a run of 1,000 units... However I guess you need to factor in shipping costs which would be higher for 1,000 units as opposed to 500 units. So I think I will stick with 500 units, enough for a successful Kickstarter.

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You can also try www.yodagames, however I think that 500 is already somehow the maximum. They are better with 50, 100 or 200 games. Ask for a quote.

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