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Printing Counters

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Hi all!

Ok, I have been looking on the internet for what seems forever. Where in the heck do I find a place that makes die cut counters? Printed. Not just counters.

That being said, if I do end up using the sticker-on-token idea, where is the best place to find COLORED wooden squares or discs?

How about printed mapboards on good stock. Not paper thin. You know, Avalon Hill quality at least. (Or even better, the mapsheets like Federation Commander or Tide of Iron use. (Modular and printed to the very ends)

Thanks all


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Try the prototyping section of this board

Hi Jim,

First off, try the prototyping section of this board. Do a search. You should be able to find lots of ideas for how to create tokens yourself. Are you ready to publish, or are you doing this to get the game into a playtesting format?

Second, try these guys for lots of game pieces: I know you wanted wooden pieces, but perhaps they'll have something you can use instead?

Also, try these guys for inexpensive game boards: The boards are blank, but they're good quality and you can probably print on regular paper and use some spray on adhesive to stick the printed paper onto the board. I've done this and it works like a charm, esp. if you're prototyping.

These guys have wooden pieces: Don't know if they're what you want, though.

If you just want some flat, round, colored disks, you can always search on eBay for "wooden vintage poker chips". <--This isn't the best set out there, but it's really cheap!

Here's a great link (from right here on this board!) that'll probably answer most of your questions:


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Thank you for those, but I

Thank you for those, but I have prototyping already done.

For years, I have never ever found out who makes printed counters. You call a print shop and as for die cut counters and they have zero clue what you mean. This is beyond frustrating.

Just to be sure, I am looking for finished, printed, die cut counters, like the ones you will find in most good games anymore. Like Rio Grande, or Fantasy Flight. I am aware that it costs. That is not the issue. I need to FIND them!

Gah! Thanks.


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So you're looking for counters that are ready to go?

What kind of counters? Printed on chip board? Are they customized with your own artwork, or are they solid colors? What shape(s) do you want/need? The sites I gave you seem to fit the bill exactly, but I guess I misinterpreted what you wanted.

Here's a site I found for making your own counters:

I know you don't want this, but someone else might find it useful.

Hey! I think I found it:

EDIT: GAH! Okay...even though the above says it's a Game Counters resource...I don't think it's the type of counters you're looking for. Still...go through the list...maybe you'll find something.


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Write a nice letter to Steve Cole at Amarillo Design Bureau

ThatJimGuy wrote:
I have been looking on the internet for what seems forever. Where in the heck do I find a place that makes die cut counters? Printed. Not just counters.
Through my new job, I learned that Alliance Distribution has their entire catalog online and searchable. From my past experience owning a game store, I remembered that there are companies that sell blank die cut counters. So I went to Alliance's searchable catalog and searched for, "counters."

I found the following products:
ADB 5300 Prototype Kit Alpha 1/2"blnk Counter $17.95
ADB 5305 Prototype Kit Beta 1" Blnk Counters $17.95

I then used Google to search for, "ADB 5305 counters." That led me to the Amarillo Design Bureau. I remembered meeting one of the guys from ADB at GTS 2000. They make licensed Star Trek chit-and-hex wargames. I went to their website and did a little poking around:

From there, I went to their blog and read their FAQ. The answer to the first question gave me the name of who I talked to – Steve Cole:

From there, it's just a matter of using their "Contact Us" link and selecting a way to contact them:

I don't know who they source their counters from, but they've been making little chits with printing on them for decades. Literally. Write a nice letter to Steve Cole at Amarillo Design Bureau. Explain what you're trying to do and ask who their printer for little cardboard chits is. If it turns out that they make their own, ask if they take outside orders.

Best of luck!

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I have to say...

Have chatted with Steve Cole, good guy, I remember meeting “online” over compulink on the CompuServe servers, back in about ‘91, that was when the internet was pretty much just newsgroups, chat, and e-mail. At $1.99 a minute. LOL … oh, and I have spent a small fortune on Star Fleet Battles, at least now you know why I’m against record keeping in my games.

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