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Professional Artists and Budding Artists: Interesting Oppurtunity

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Duel Card Example 1

I am a 3d artist more than a 2d artist, but I assume the concept is the same. Anytime we see the words "Interesting Oppurtunity" we think ohh, someone wants us to work for free. And we are usually right. And nine times out of ten it is a 12 year old trying to make a "MMORPG bigger and better than WOW". Well, that is kind of the case here too, except I am not 12. Ohhh, and I don't want to make a video game... oh and one last thing, I have a lot more charisma than most mooches.

Okay, so here is the situation. As an artist I have worked on several projects for free only because
A: I thought the projects sounded fun
B: I wanted to build my portfolio
C: I wanted to rubb shoulders with other artists so I could learn new things and get really good constructive critism.

Everytime I have done this, it has been nice because I didn't have to work so much I hated the project, I always ended up better at my skill than when I started, and I think it has helped me get actual jobs for several reason.

So while thinking about this and working on a game of mine, I had an idea that I would open up this game for art contributions. I am asking for as little or as much as you want to provide, and I don't care your skill level. I will only put the art that I think is good in the actual game itself, but am more than happy to get submissions from all levels. The art doesn't have to be spectacular, just good.

If you are a begginer artist, I and others will offer constructive critism/ tips and tricks and the like. If you are a professional artist, then I am willing to take critism from you, learn from you , and the like.

I plan on continuing to work on the art for the game at about 2 hours a day, so whether or not I get interest in this post; don't think I am really just wanting you to make my game's art for me. I am currently making the art and just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in this oppurtunity to get some recognoition, and education of sorts.

I am selling this card game as a print and play, and really don't excpect to make tons of money, at least not enough to warrent hiring artists, especially since I originally planned on just doing the artwork myself. So this really is purely volunteer work. I will put your name on the card as the artist and will put your name in the rule book.

Now about the game (and note this is not the complete rules, but rather a limited explanation to give you a flavor of the game): As said before it is a strategy/tactical/deckbuilding card game. It is the cliche 2 wizards pitted up against one another; however, it differs in the fact of how cards are played. There is no "mana" or casting cost for spells but rather how you position your cards. Certain positions will allow you to cast powerful offensive spells, but might leave you open for attack, whereas others grant you defensive position while limiting your offensive spells. As you build your deck you need to look fro cards that positions compliment one another. Some cards will allow you if drawn together to cast both offensive and defensive spells.

Each spell has a casting order as well, so though there are player turns, the casting phase plays out simultaneously between both players and spell order matters. For example you might be able to counter a powerful but slow spell with a quick but more limited spell if played correctly. The game is set up in such a way to give the players a feeling of dueling. True, strategic, quick witted magical dueling instead of the normal summon monsters to trample your opponents style of play.

So if you are interested here are the criteria for the images.
First: The images needs to be 300dpi or higher.
Second: For stylistic purposes the two types of magic are necromancy and elmentalism. Necromancers are versitle but weak at direct damage. Elmentalists are blunt but effective. This may come out in the artwork if you want.
Third: the proportions of image are that of a regular photo.
Forth: Though the images can be dark, bloody, or unsettling, avoid nudity in any form.

List of the Necromancy cards:
Skeletal Servant
The Shovel
Vampiric Blood
Bone Wall
Blood Lust
Grave Robber
Channel Health
Undead Hound
Death's Shadow
Bone Pit
Icy Grip
Acid Breath
Zombie Archer

Stone Wall
Lightning Form
Healing Water
Stone Skin
Might Wind
Meteor Strike
Northern Wind
Watery Shield
Chain Lightning
Stone Fist
Lava flow

Sword of Rune

If interested either pm me, or reply to this post with what image you want to work on and post your progress here. Hope some of you are interested. Also here are 2 of the cards I have done so far, I will post you with updates as I get more cards completed.

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I guess you can't post more

I guess you can't post more than one image: Here is the second

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Magic Tournament

I have several years now working in a game like this: I named Magic Tournament.

At leas the concept of the game is the same: Battle with other mages, not a duel cuz I make rules to play against 3, 4 or more mages (players).

I have a lot of mechanics, cards and rules for the game. And some images downloaded from the web but zero original art.

Like a lot the cards you post.

This week I will try to review all the cards in the first set to test for the 4th time the game.

Good gaming

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Third Card done

Third card done. Anyone interested take a look here:

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Yet another card done. This

Yet another card done. This one turned out fantastic:

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