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Professional Cards that Can Be Written On (Not a prototype)

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I've got some ideas swirling around, but they are dependent on folks being able to write on a card and have that writing stay on the card permanently.

Say I wanted just a normal playing card to be written on with a sharpie. Assuming giving the ink time to dry, would this stand up to shuffling?

If not, any other ideas. What could I a) make the card out of and b) write on the card with to make this happen?

I'm not wanting this for a prototype, but as a deck of cards that are sold to people who then write on them. So it will be out of my hands after production of the cards themselves.

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If you use a Sharpie to write

If you use a Sharpie to write on a card, it will stay on, assuming you give it time to dry. Magicians do it all the time. However, magicians who use cards often also cause them to wear and tear, so they often break open a new deck for a new occasion. I don't have much of an idea how MANY shuffles it would withstand.

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Sort of


I sometimes order a stack of blank extra cards if I'm getting a POD version of one of my games. The ones from the Gamecrafter are pretty good. I've used permanent markers to write on them and they usually hold out a couple of months, before the text starts to fade.



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I've bought these, they do exactly what you are describing quite well and are super cheap. I use them for prototypes all the time. They are sturdy and shuffle well.

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