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Hi everyone,

I am a student from Hong Kong. Last year, I spent one semester studying in the Netherlands for my exchange study and I found out that drinking games in Europe were totally different from those in my home country. That's why I designed a game called "Hong Kong Drinking Cards" so as to share the popular Hong Kong drinking cards to others.

When I launched the project in Indiegogo few days ago, I found that there were so many projects, especially the "InDemand" projects. My project was not in the "latest list" in just an hour. I know that I have to do the promotion myself so as to stand out in the crowd. However, I do not know where to start because I am not familiar with the promotion channels in Europe, US and Australia. (This is my first time to launch a project in crowdfunding website)

Are there any suggestions that I can reach the people who love card games?
Hope that I can know where to start...

Here's my link:

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The biggest problem I see

The biggest problem I see with your campaign is that nowhere does it explain any of the games! People judge games by the simple question of "will I enjoy playing this?" and unfortunately I don't see anything in the campaign which answers that.

Show some games being played! I have to imagine that with unique drinking games, some hilarity will ensue...SHOW people having a great time with your game, and others will want to experience it for themselves.

There is a ton of info already written about here on BGDF on the topic of crowdfunding, building an audience, etc. so just hunt around and you'll find some.

Here are a couple fantastic sources full of valuable info:

The Dice Tower's Forbidden Limb has a series of videos which explore the many facets of design and funding a game:

Good luck!

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No expert but....

Admittedly I haven't run a successful campaign, but I would say after watching your video it seemed to be more of a tourism HK promotion, rather than a game...

Chris has pointed you in the right directions. A lot of work goes into campaigns and explanation of the game itself is the key. Best of luck!

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