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Proper website format?

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Joined: 10/17/2012

I finally have a name for both my game and my self-publishing company. I want to start blogging and promote my game a lot more, but I'm not sure what my setup should be. Should I have a website for my company and one for the game? Should I blog about the game on the company website or the game website? Do I need a two websites?

Any advice would be terrific. Thanks ya'll.

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Joined: 05/01/2015
I've been going through the

I've been going through the same thing, and bought both a game-specific URL as well as a company one. I think it best to create a company website, if for no other reason than to prepare for the success of your game, and any that may come in the future. It will plant the seed of familiarity in those who visit the website, get your company name out there, and can be a destination for further info about you outside of your first game title.

On my (currently unpublished) company website, I throw my first game and the Kickstarter right up front; the focus is on the game, but it's at the company address. As the company is really just the game at this point, 99% of the site's content is focused on getting the game out there and pushing people to the Kickstarter. However planning for the future, I'd like a single address people can come to recognize as being the destination for info about the game, myself and the future dreams/goals for Avanti Games. I'll evolve the site as things progress, to place focus where I want it.

Building a website can be an ordeal, even with great tools like Wix and Squarespace to make it more accessible for non-programmers. For that reason alone, I'd say go with a single site for all your gaming needs.

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For your first game I think

For your first game I think you can just start by a website for the game.

About the company you can create a website anytime if needed. A facebook account maybe enough for the company IMO.

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Company website with a blog.

Company website with a blog. The game should be a page on the website. Like in the navigation, "about us - games - contact", when you click "games", it would be a drop-down menu with your current game plus any future ones you design.

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You can also create 2 URLs

You can also create 2 URLs but link both to a single (company) page. That way when people search by your game title, they find your company site. Gives you some wiggle room in your marketing, placing focus squarely on the game, but still beginning the growth path for your company.

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