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From prototype to publication...

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I am new here; I was originally more interested in computer games development but recently decide to try out boardgames, and eventually I had 13 of them within a year and I tried to design one. The first one bombed, the second one I feel had potential...

Right now I got a prototype of the game and still testing/refining the rules, but I am wondering how do I get it published. How is the boardgame publishing like? I know for computer games it's a "Don't call us; we call you" mindset, that publishers prefer to follow trends, stick to franchise and there's a higher barrier of entry. How is like for the boardgame's side?

At the same time, I have advice to conduct blind-tests and send prototypes to reviews. Do I need to get legal protection for my IP at this time?

Any advice would be welcomed.

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from prototype to publication


IMHO it is the same for board games. Designers are busy, developers are busy, playtesters few and far between, and publishers have their own schedules.

There is a lot of advice to the uninitiated; some of it good, such as this site and the one below.

some of it not so good

you could try to get involved with the BGW (see archive) if you want specific feedback on your game prototype.

protection is a personal choice thing. It opens some doors (professional advisors) and slams others (publishers).

Good luck!

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