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Publisher suggestions for 2-player cardgame

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I have been shopping around my 2-player cardgame Gatekeeper for quite some time now, and It turned out to be a very hard game to pitch/land at a publisher.
Once I mention "2-player" almost all of the publishers I spoke with lost interest, without even looking at the rules.

So my question is: do you have suggestions of publishers you think might be interested in 2-player cardgames?
The theme is fantasy, and it plays very much like a duel.
It has relatively easy to grasp rules, making it somewhat of a gataway game, but it is at the same time thinky and offers alot of decissions.
Playtime is around 25 minutes once you played a few games.

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Check out

Check out The Game Crafter dot com website. You can sell your games on their website.

Creator of Dymino Monsters;

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Yeah Stormy is correct, you can even randomize Boosters!

The Game Crafter (TGC) is good place to produce a more "professional" version of you game.

Have you spent some monies on ART?!

Because maybe you need to have a more "polished" game. Not sure how you are pitching this game... If it's simply by e-mail describing how the game goes... You might want to TRY a "Sell Sheet" and keep the e-mail to a minimum (Hi this is me, attached is a sell sheet describing my game, pls contact me if you are the least bit interested in publishing it.." And then ATTACH the "Sell Sheet".

I'm just saying it may be your APPROACH. You may not be SELLING the "vision" of the game correctly or properly. I personally think GONE are the days where you write an e-mail and describe the game result in ANY success in bringing ANY "Design" to life.

Personally I've never been able to do THIS.

I've had to make fancier prototypes, send them to Reviewers get feedback and their take on the game with SOME preliminary art in some cases, more polished product in other cases, etc.

In my case, all the games had to go to the Publisher with SOME ART. I know some people will say "Don't spend monies on art, the publisher will re-do it their way with their people!" But in my experience in the Board Game Design business ... Publishers want to BUY-INTO a "concept", a "vision" ... Something like: "This is what I want my game to look like and this what I have done to show what it COULD be!"

I personally find it HARD to pitch a Game without anything relating to it's VISION. And that's why I suggested the Sell Sheet. It will force you to find someone, an Artist or a Graphic Designer to come up with some kind of Mock-up of your game with your own explanation (ergo the "sell" in Sell Sheet)...

That may get you BETTER responses than an immediate "No Thanks!"...

Note #1: If you are capable of producing all of the art required by the game ... Well then you can SELF-PUBLISH via a services such as "The Game Crafter" (TGC).

If there is no art or just what you posted ... I'm not sure what I would think of the game. Witchcraft? Sorcery?? "Gatekeeper" of what? The concept seems to require much more explanation than I think you feel is probably necessary.

But TGC can just get you to have a NICER "prototype", one you can play around in FLGSs (when they will re-open to public gatherings -- I know it sucks not being able to play with "friends" you meet at the stores).

Have you had a Developer to help with the Rulebook... Because even IF you have a concept ... If a Publisher returns your e-mailing saying they want to know "MORE" ... You'd better be prepared to send them a Rulebook with the directions on "How to play" your game.

If they like the Sell Sheet and the Rulebook... They may ask you to SEND a prototype. And this is where having something done by TGC might help... Even if the art is only partial (or on some cards). It will relay the VISION of what you see this game as being.

I'm not the Designer, so I cannot tell what you expect from this design. But I too am working on a 2 Player Card Game "Monster Keep" (MK) and I plan to maybe SELF-PUBLISH it in the FUTURE... Not right now... Because I can't afford to pay for more ART. I'm already fully invested in Art for "Crystal Heroes" (CH) ...

But I'm still working on the DESIGN making it "more comprehensible".

If you want to go the SELF-PUBLISH route... Stormy is right AGAIN! TGC is great you can even have RANDOMIZED Boosters for your cards ... If it's a CCG or TCG.

I just think you are probably "under-selling" your game and that your approach needs a bit of "pizazz"! Let us know if you have questions. We're here to help with whatever concerns or explanations you may require!

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If you want to see an example of a BRILLIANT Sell Sheet...

Check out Gregg Jewell's "Battle Pencils" Sell Sheet in this thread:

Gregg was trying to get it to be a part of the Pitch Project 2020. And unfortunately this game did not make their short-list.

But in any event, the Sell Sheet is well done. This is what I was talking about when I said, maybe you need some more "Pizazz"! This is just one example... But it is a great vehicle to push your "Vision" of the game, what it is and what it can become.


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Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the suggestions.
Truly appreciate this.
I will definitly craft a sell sheet.

Actually, Gatekeeper has full art. The proto looks like a published game.
So that can't be the problem. It is the 2-player aspect that forms the block.
Even those publishers who actually played the game said: We really like the game, but we find 2-players somewhat of a gamble.

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If you have all the art...

You have options like Kickstarter or The Game Crafter since it's a finished product. This is if you can't find a publisher. There are not many extra costs maybe a couple copies for reviewers and a video (which can be optional)...

I was away when writing this comment... Just to clarify, IF you have already paid to make ALL the art for the game... Both KS or TGC are great options or maybe even KS + TGC is a possibility! KS + TGC is made in the USA with manufacturing and fulfillment all handled by TGC. It's pretty neat TBH. My next game is going to be a KS + TGC game... In September 2021.

But these are options you can begin to explore ... Because NEITHER will cost you additional monies.

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ausloosd wrote: It is the

ausloosd wrote:

It is the 2-player aspect that forms the block.
Even those publishers who actually played the game said: We really like the game, but we find 2-players somewhat of a gamble.

Yeah, 2 player is a tough sell unless you've got something truly innovative or you are a big name designer. People like to see Solo and 4+ players while strictly 2 player games are waaaaay down on the sales list (surprisingly considering the year we're currently in).

Sorry I don't have any suggestions on publishers though.

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Sell Sheet

Ausloosd, please post your Sell-sheet on the forum. Not only will you continue to get great feed back, and streamline your sell-sheet, but you will help others on the forum who are doing the same thing. Sell-sheets are an art form that we can all get better at.

-Have you considered changing the game to a 4 player? If you are looking to get published, and 2 player card games are OFF the table then either scrap it until you have a following or make it what publishers are looking for. Since you are actually getting responses from publishers, that means they are looking for something, and your idea was cool enough for them to at least tell you that "if it wasn't two player....." Good luck.

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