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Publishers meet Prototype. Internet site idea.

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I was wondering if there could be a place in internet where publishers and game designers could "meet". That internet site could be a place where you as a game designer can show your game: images, art, graphics, rules etc. and as a publisher you could browse different kind of game presentations which could be organized many ways: game theme, style, level of prototype (early - finished), Europe, Asia, USA, cards, boardgame, dice, eurostyle, ameritrash, mix of those ... etc. etc.

We as the game designers are always the underdog when trying to get our games published which is understandable. "The one who has the gold makes the rules" - I know, but...

But wouldn´t it be wonderful - and it could save a lot of time for publishers and game designers if they could "meet" in a more neutral grounds. Like a game con type of a site. That internet site could be a place where you can promote and advertise your game freely without being a spammer. Other designers might also help and encourage you and also help you find a right kind of publisher for your game.

This could have a forum for this kind of thingy or I wonder if some one of you who can make internet sites could think about this. I, myself have never created a website so I am not even a noobie in that thing.

I know there is BGG, but I wonder if even that site is a place where designers and publishers really find themselves. I guess that place is more for already published games. Prototype games should have their own site too!

I know I am not alone when I say that I like to create games more than I am able to advertise them or trying to find a publisher for a game. It´s also more difficult when publisher can be in a different country or even a continent than you as a designer.

Any thoughs and ideas? How about making it real? What do you think about the idea?

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I really liked your Idea...

I really liked your Idea... If I only had time and my own Computer, I'll Organize such a thing...

If you can find such a site please tell me about it...

Joined: 07/28/2008
Arvin wrote:I really liked

Arvin wrote:
I really liked your Idea... If I only had time and my own Computer, I'll Organize such a thing...

If you can find such a site please tell me about it...

I will tell you if I can find such a site. I thought about it more and thought that actually that kind of site could be run by publisher/s and it could pay itself by advertising their products (games). That site could also be a place where to buy different kind of games and maybe even prototypes hmm (not sure about that). There could also be a print´n play section and a prototype cost calculator like has. That´s a great site btw. Too bad my prototype has maybe too unique bits so that I can´t publish it that way (maybe later).

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here it is


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Excellent notion...

I've been watching TAXI for a while ( - a site that does a similar thing for songwriters (not the old TV show). They charge for membership and submission, and as part of their service, they screen the submissions not only for "categorization" but for a host of other qualities. The fees are reasonable, and apparently they're well respected in the industry as a source for new material.
To really make it credible, I would think that someone who's already a player in the game world would need to be involved - probably an agent or career pro. And, of course, the whole idea is based on the assumption that those folks really ARE seeking new and innovative ideas from the amateur and semi-pro game design community. Are they?
BUT MAYBE those product development folks (I don't know what they would be called) within the industry are already HERE! Maybe you are one of them!
Have y'all looked at Travis Worthington is trying to do? The intent (as I understand it) is to create a showcase for self-published and very-limited-run games. A step in the right direction, perhaps, but I think his concept needs further refinement. See:

tavisto (not verified)
Publishers & game designers meeting

I'm a partner at The Game Crafter ( and wanted to post a quick reply to your message. We definitely think there needs to be more venues for publishers and game designers to meet. One of our goals for the site is that game designers can gain visibility and test the waters for their new games. TGC helps the game get additional exposure to a worldwide audience and also allows for customers and other game designers (in the community) to provide feedback on the game. Ultimately, TGC can serve as a great launch pad for game designers who are trying to build that new idea/prototype into a popular finished product. Once a game begins to rise in popularity, we would expect the game designer to sign a deal and move the game to a big publisher. And we've even had a few publishers/distributors contact us and let us know that they are watching our site and the games that are being self-published on it. So that's very cool! It would be a great success story the game designer (and us) who makes it big after self-publishing their game on our site. :)

There is no cost to upload your game to the TGC site and once it's uploaded and enabled on the online store, the whole world can see it. If you're looking to get feedback on your game you can easily upload lots of action shots of your game and post the rules/sell sheets to your product's page. That's often times enough for people to see your game and give you creative feedback on it. (especially if you bring up questions and ideas on the forums) You can always sell it on the online store for zero profit so that other people in the community can buy it cheap and try it out. These are just some ideas I wanted to throw out! We naturally love BGG and BGDF as well and so we can't recommend those sites enough. Cheers!

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Yes it´s a great site and

Yes it´s a great site and innovation and I am planning on publishing something in the near future. It´s great news to know that some publishers are watching your site. It gives hope for publishing to us prototype designers. This really was great news!

Never seen as friendly and helpful a forum btw as yours is.

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